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Unhappy in Life?

I believe that people should stop running the rat race, stop following society/peers blindly, understand themselves, find what they really love to do, and live an authentic life. I am helping people achieve this.

If you are facing any of the following issues, do reach out to me for help -

* Frustrated in life/career
* Worry about what people say
* FOMO, Peer pressure
* Low self-confidence
* Overthinking, Worry and Stress

I help people through -

* Coaching sessions and
* Holistic Self-Discovery Program - 12-week program - 1:1 (not a cohort) - 3 people in 3 months - intake solely after an interview

My experience -

* Coached 50+ people from various countries in the last 3 years.
* Delivered motivational speaking sessions in societies and schools.
* Community of 8,000 people across social media platforms.

Are you ready to find yourself and create a life that truly excites you?

Book a Coaching session now..!!

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