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Answers to your common questions

Which service should I go for?

1. Holistic Self-discovery Program: The purpose of this program is to facilitate deep introspection across various dimensions of life. It aims to help individuals explore their inner selves, identify their core values, strengths, and passions, and align their actions with their authentic selves. Here we try to define goals and build a mindset.

2. Individual Coaching Sessions: These are individual clarity sessions for getting clarity on a particular topic or specific problem, assessing the direction of your career, etc.; or just speaking your mind where I could just be a sounding board.

3. Coaching program: This is a complete customized package to achieve a specific goal. This includes clarity, goal setting, planning, accountability, and mindset.

So, it entirely depends on where you're on the journey. If you need end-to-end help with achieving a goal, go for the coaching program. If you only need clarity with something specific, go for an Individual session. If you don't know what your goals are to what you want in life, sign-up for the Holistic Self-Discovery Program.

What is the coaching process?

A coach can help you with 3 steps to achieving goals. First is gaining clarity or getting a perspective. Second is planning or strategizing on how to achieve a goal and third is accountability, motivation and mindset which are essential to execute and actually achieve the goal.

How can I book the session?

Schedule it on the Home Page or at

When & how do I pay the session fees?

100% fee to be paid in advance through PayPal (ID: if you are out of India or through GPay or UPI on prvsomani@oksbi if you are in India.

What is the mode of the session?

Sessions will be conducted through Zoom or MS Teams or Google Meet.

Do you take offline 1:1 coaching sessions?

I can come to any place in Pune, but it would cost extra.

Is the session recorded?

Not at all, there is complete confidentiality of whatever is discussed in the session.

Are you a certified coach?

Yes, I am certified from The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology

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