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How I can help you?

All the services are one-on-one (no group or cohorts) and provided online via Zoom, Teams, or Google Meet on weekends.

Holistic Self-Discovery Program (12-weeks)

Structured Program to find yourself, your values, your purpose, your long-term vision to design your life, and build a resilient mindset.


Includes a psychometric test;

 1:1 program (not a cohort);

Weekly sessions;

Daily Homework;

Only 3 people in 3 months;

Intake solely after an interview.

Fill out the Enquiry Form or

email: to apply 

Individual Coaching Sessions

Individual coaching sessions of 1 hour.

Gives you the flexibility to have a session whenever you feel the need instead of committing to an entire program.

Suitable for clarity on specific topics, help in decision making, sounding board, etc. 

Not suitable where accountability is essential.

Book the session on Home Page.

Coaching Program

A Customized Coaching program of 3 months or 12 months depending on the goal to be achieved.

Includes the entire process of clarity, goal setting, planning, accountability, homework, and deep dive sessions every week.

Fill out the Enquiry Form or


to sign-up.

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